There is only one waiting list which covers both woki I and woki II it is managed by the operator Kinderzentren Kunterbunt gGmbH.

Application before the birth of the child is not possible. (Exception: Earlier application is possible if return to work is
planned up to 6 months after birth.)

There are specific selection criteria (see adidas Work-life Integration Workspace) which are determining the
respective position on the waiting list.

Time of application: The date of the application is not relevant to the position on the waiting list, it is only considered
in the case of an equal position on the waiting list.

An application is only valid, provided all required documents have been handed in at Kinderzentren Kunterbunt

When children have reached the age of 2.5 or 5.5 years, the application is removed from the day nursery or
kindergarten waiting lists.

Parents’ obligation to cooperate: Twice a year, Kinderzentren Kunterbunt contacts all parents on the waiting list to
double-check if they want to remain on the waiting list. If there is no confirmation within a two weeks period, the
child is removed from the waiting list. (01 to 14 April and 01 to 15 Oct. as confirmation time periods)

A private telephone number and e-mail are needed so that we can reach you to offer you a place. If there is no
response within one week, the space will be offered to another applicant. (Parents will be notified of the available
space both via e-mail and mobile phone.). Applicants are responsible for the accuracy and validity of all phone
numbers and Email addresses.

Elimination criteria: If neither of the parents are employed with adidas, the placement of the child terminates
automatically at the agreed end of contract. From the point in time of the termination of the employment contract,
the parent contribution must be paid for external children. In this case, parents may terminate the care contract
within the agreed cancelation period of 3 month to the end of the month.

The assignment of spaces without vacancies has priority. For this reason, an earlier start date could be offered to

Children with special needs and disabilities are welcome. However, an inclusion can only be carried out if the
personnel situation is given. This means, each case must be checked individually. Special mention must be made by
the parents when applying for a place for the child.

The range of booking hours stated in the application is binding. If the personnel situation allows an increase of the
booking hours, it is possible to increase them as of the following month. A reduction of hours is only possible after 1
year at the earliest, after that following a 3 month notice to the end of the month.

Spaces can become available all year due to cancellations of existing contracts. The major part, however, becomes
available between August and September as children leave the facility for school or thus, change from nursery to
kindergarten. The allocation of these spaces is made beginning of February each year. Applications for these spaces
must fully be handed in by Jan 15 to be considered.

Child's Information

Please consider the settling-in period of approx. 4 weeks.

Mother's Information

Father's Information

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Documents to be enclosed: Confirmation of the employment by employer if not adidas

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Documents to be enclosed: Confirmation of family leave duration by the adidas Group

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Documents to be enclosed: HR – Confirmation of work during family leave at the adidas Group

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